England globally:
analogous to Englishman, representative is very much traditionally relative to financial threat
you see map or pictures of English cities, mainly London:
at least fourteen days after this dream bend out any financial investment, even of purchase of simple household appliance you must expect, that you will have difficulties with it
trip to England:
as when you sitting with and Englishman
be in England:
financial loss will not pass you
arrival from England:
yet at least week is financial caution on the spot
this peculiar wildcard very interested us, because dream symbols of outland are usually significant extensive and England yet offers and e.g. cultural relics, nature etc., which they may manifest by other meanings
however surprisingly:
we're have verifyed, that the this decisive wild - card meaning (created from English business expansion at the turn of XVI. and XVII. century, from rise of English East India Company) is absolutely overbearing
evidently indeed:
not for Englishman
see also for juxtaposition:
all another continents or outland, characters be indeed significantly different